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Me with my Flex BeltThere are a lot of blogs and websites out there with Flex Belt reviews. I wanted to post this “about me” page to prove that I am a real person, who owns a flex belt and is actually using this thing.

Why The Flex Belt?

Well there are several reasons why I decided to create this site about The Flex Belt, but what first perked my interest was when I was contacted by The Flex Belt Company about possibly marketing their product online. You see my “day job” is managing a series of websites and blogs across a variety of topics. Many of which are in the health & fitness markets. So they were reaching out to me to see if I’d be interested in advertising their product.

I was interested, but before I was going to offer a product like this on any of the websites I was managing I wanted to know if this device worked or not. Hence where this blog came from. I got my own Flex Belt and decided to test it myself, and from a lot of reading and studying I’ve done about setting goals and creating new habits, I knew that if I journalled my experiences publicly about it then there was a pretty good chance that I would stick to my guns and use the Flex Belt everyday.

Of course for anyone who’s been following my Blog they know that I haven’t done the best job at sticking to using The Flex Belt each and everyday. However I’ve been doing my best and at the time of this writing I’m back on full steam using it five times a week.

A Bit About Me

I’m not a body builder by any means, but I do run a lot. I train and race 5K, 10K and half marathon distance races in the Spring, Summer and Fall. I continue to run all winter long as well both indoors and outdoors. So I tend to be pretty lean, so a good test for the results that the Flex Belt could produce for someone of my build.

I eat pretty well, but enjoy my beer on the weekends and snack foods when I’m watching a movie with my wife, so I wouldn’t say that I closely watch what I eat, but I feel that this speaks to most of us who would be drawn to this device right?

My Goal for MyFlexBeltReview.com

I hope I am able to help other men and women, like me, decide whether to spend their money on The Flex Belt or not. I know a lot of these ab belt devices use hype marketing to make you think they’re the be all end all of fitness devices you’ll need. I’m not stupid enough to believe that, but I also know that electronic muscle stimulation, the technology the Flex Belt uses to firm and contract your abs, works on some level. I’ve had it used on numerous occasions during physiotherapy for running injuries and I’ve seen the results first hand. I know The Flex Belt can provide a certain level of results, my reason for this blog is to determine what that level of result is and share it with you.

Here’s a selection of my Update Posts I’ve made since starting the Blog:

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