Burning Belly Fat With Running and Interval Workouts

by Ian on April 20, 2012

A lot of weight loss blogs talk about the benefit of running or weight loss, and there is a HUGE benefit to jogging or running for weight loss. However, what some people might not realize is that the difference between the calories your burn while you’re running versus those you burn while walking aren’t all the different until you begin to reach a certain speed. What is that speed? Well it happens to be about 5 MPH.

Here’s a simple example I borrowed from About.com. A 160 pound person walking at 5 MPH jogging at 5 MPH is burning about the same number of calories per mile. Where we begin to see a benefit is when we begin to jog/run faster then 5 MPH. You see, 5 MPH is 12 minute miles, which is a pretty good walking pace. However, to go much faster then that and you are almost jogging, or at the very least walking very briskly. So as we approach 6 or 7 MPH we begin to increase calories burnt per mile (119 & 121 respectively). So this is all fine and dandy, but you’re probably starting to think that you’ll need to be jogging for 4 or 5 miles each time you go out to burn the number of calories you want gone.

I have a point, so stick with me through all this boring stuff. You see the more calories you can burn while you’re exercising the more belly fat you’ll lose and the flatter your stomach will be and the better results you’ll achieve while using and wearing the Flex Belt.

OK, here’s something I do once and a while, it’s an alternative to the long boring drawn out job, which can be peaceful and enjoyable, but it’s not what we want to be doing every second day.

To burn some serious calories and in less time then it would take to go out for a 4 mile jog you can consider some interval workouts.

What Are Intervals?

Put as plainly as I can describe it running intervals is the process of running fast for a period of time and then slow for a period of time followed by another period of quick paced running and so on. The idea is you do several quicker intervals that are either a set distance or a set period of time followed by a period of slower running where by your heart rate can recover and your muscles can as well. Normally you’ll determine the distance and/or times you’ll run harder for ahead of time.

Example: a light 10 minute jog followed by: 1 min hard running followed by 1 min of slower recovery running repeated 6 times, then a 10 minute cool down jog, might be a quick interval workout you could do on a local trail or sidewalk.

So what are the benefits of doing these interval workouts rather then just a steady run? Well two fold.

1 – You confuse your body and muscles by speeding up and slowing down so your body is less efficient at fueling itself since it’s not sure what type of energy requirement you need moment to moment. You see when you’re running steady for 30 minutes your body can rely on stored glycogen for energy rather then having to go to fat stores for energy. This means you’re not only burning more calories but you’re burning more of the calories that matter to get rid of body fat.

2 – I more or less just eluded to this, but interval workouts lasting the same period of time as a steady run will burn more calories then the steady run and leave you feeling like you worked a lot harder!

Now if you’ve been following my flex belt review for any length of time then you know that I’m a runner. So I do interval training sessions each week along with longer steady runs. On the average I probably do 25-35 miles a week total. What I’m saying is my body is used to this, so please don’t just rush out the door tomorrow and try to run 4 x 1 KM really hard with only 1 minute rest in between. You probably won’t be able to complete all 4 intervals and you’ll likely hurt a whole lot the following day.

Start easy, do some more research on interval workouts with your favorite search engine and be creative with it. You’ll find your workouts are more fun when you’re challenging yourself more.

On another note, I also use this same concept on my bike and in the pool when swimming. I’m not as good at those other two activities so it challenges me a lot more.

To anyone who didn’t see yesterday’s post I just wanted to let everyone know I’m back in the saddle again and focussing on finishing my Flex Belt Review. I didn’t get the full 6 weeks in during my first trial. So this second go around, where it’s almost summer, I’m feeling ready to give it another go. So come back often to check my results posts.

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