Do Ab Belts Work?

by Ian on March 28, 2012

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The question that everyone wants to know the answer to before they spend a dime on the flex belt is do ab belts work. The short answer is YES, ab belts work. The technology they use (electronic muscle stimulation) has been proven to work in numerous clinical studies and trials. It’s used in hundreds of hospitals and re-habilitation clinics all over the world, and it’s been studied in depth for it’s effectiveness on the toning and firming of abdominal muscles by academics.

The Flex Belt Out of Box

Ab Belts have been tested and proven effective, but your expectations and how they work may be two different things.

The question I think people really want to know the answer to is: what type of results should I expect from an Ab Belt? Or more specifically The Flex Belt?

Like most fitness and exercise related items your results are going to be directly related to the effort you put in.

So you have to use the device as directed. Most belts, including The Flex Belt, will tell you to use the device 5 days a week for about 30 minutes a day. While less time will produce some results you won’t achieve optimal results if you don’t follow a schedule.

Watch what you eat

The biggest reason people are dis-satsifed with their results using an ab belt in my opinion is that they don’t improve their eating and dieting habits.

Most of us have a thin layer of fat covering over our abdominals. That doesn’t mean we’re out of shape or even over weight, it’s just a tough place to lose those last few pounds from.

Maintaining a healthy diet is a key to ensuring you don’t increase that layer of fat covering you abdominals.

The Flex Belt incudes a one month membership to their proprietary dieting software that you can use. It’s pretty slick and will help you see where you can improve in your every day eating habits.

Other Exercise

To help burn off that thing layer of fat it’s a good idea to do a bit of cardio exercise every day as well. Why? Well because a balanced diet that is meeting your caloric needs each day with exercise means you should create a calorie deficiency in your body. This leads to your body burning fat for energy which means weight loss.

You might be saying “If I have to do all this extra work then what’s the point of using an Ab belt?”

Well the point is that an ab belt still firms and strengthens you abdominals safely and efficiently. Whether you were to use an abdominal belt or do 50 sit-ups a day you’re still going to need to follow a healthy diet routine and maintain some level of cardio exercise.

My point in this post is to explain that ab belts work, but they are not a silver bullet wear em once a day get super six pack abs solution. You need to be keeping a well rounded and healthy lifestyle.

If you’re already eating pretty healthy and getting your exercise then an ab belt will be a great addition to your routine and there won’t be any major lifestyle changes needing to be made.

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