Does the Flex Belt Work?

by Ian on March 22, 2012

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I know the biggest stumbling block for most people thinking about buying the Flex Belt is wondering does the darn thing work?

Does the Flex Bely Actually Work?

The Flex Belt provides a superior ab workout to all other ab belts on the market.

I’ve written a few posts about common complaints about the device, and if the device is scam, but I haven’t directly addressed the question “Does it Work?”.

The short answer to this question is YES, it does work. The longer answer is, what are your expectations for the Flex Belt, and will the device meet those expectations?

Electronic muscle stimulation has been around in medical use for about 50 years. It’s used to rehabilitate patients after a stroke or car accident as well as to prevent muscle atrophy. It’s based on years of study and works to tone and strengthen particular muscle groups without the requirement to exercise or move that particular part of the body. Of course, as soon as a patient is able to begin exercising and moving that body part they do so in conjunction with the muscle stimulation to achieve the best results possible.

The same goes for using the Flex Belt. If you just use the Belt, and you do so consistently there is no question you will:

  • Get stronger abs
  • Increase your abdominal endurance
  • Tone your abdominals

However, if those abs are under a thing layer of belly fat you still won’t be able to see them as well as you might want to, or your tummy may not appear as flat as you’d like.

However, this doesn’t mean that the belt hasn’t done it’s job. Remember it’s purpose is to firm, tone and strengthen abdominals, but it is not a weight loss device. In order to lose the belly fat that is hiding your sexy stomach you may need to watch more closely what you eat, or even follow a diet plan for a few weeks. Also ensure you’re following a healthy exercise routine as well. There’s no faster way to burn off calories then daily physical fitness.

So does the Flex Belt work? Yes, for it’s intended purpose. However, I think there are a lot of would be ab belt owners who believe they can get the abs of a fitness model just wearing the belt, and that’s more then likely not going to happen unless you’re already quite lean and in good shape.

So the moral of this post is. What the Flex Belt does (tone, firm and strengthen abs) it’s does well, in fact I think it does it better then any other electronic stimulation belt on the market. However, it’s not a weight loss device.

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