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by Ian on March 29, 2012

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I’ve received a few messages from people wondering if they can get a Flex Belt second hand or find a discount somewhere.

I have a pretty detailed post on using my Flex Belt coupons, but I thought I’d write this specific post about discounts as well for those of you that have contacted me.

The base price on The unti is $199 if you buy it from their official site. I’ve also seen it sold on some sites (which look like they are probably owned by the parent company as well) for a $99 payment up front then two more payments of $49. This of course still equals $200 bucks.

The best discount on a new belt I’ve found is using the 10% off and free shipping coupon when ordering direct from the manufacturers site.

If you use that coupon you’ll save

  • Almost $20 on the actual belt
  • $14.95 on the regular shipping

So a total of almost $35 bucks.

You can of course also use the 25% off coupon I have available, however you’ll then have to pay for your shipping so everything ends up being more or less equal.

How about at Ebay?

I’ve done research on ebay and I’ve never found an actual Flex Belt for sale. All I’ve ever found is a System Abs belt.

NOTE: You can tell the difference based on if it says X-10 on the belt or X-70 (the later denotes the flex belt with more intensity levels and programs)

The other downfall to buying on an auction site is you don’t know if it’s new or used sometimes, you don’t’ get a money back guarantee and you don’t get a warranty.

How about Amazon?

You can buy it on Amazon, however you’re going to pay the exact same as you will at the official website. I’d suggest using a coupon and buying from the official site to get not only the best discount, but also the guarantee and warranty.

So in conclusion, to get a discount on the Flex Belt don’t bother looking for a used one, don’t buy it on Ebay or another auction site. Definitely don’t go looking on Craigslist or Kijiji. Use one of my coupon codes. You’ll get the best discount I’ve been able to find, you’ll get their 60 day money guarantee and the manufacturers warranty.

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