Flex Belt Gel Pads

by Ian on October 26, 2011

Flex Belt Gel PadsThe Flex Belt gel pads are what allows the current from the Flex Belt to travel through your muscles and create the flexing motion. When you buy your Flex Belt you get a set included, although I’d suggest you order one or two extra sets right away when buying your flex belt, you’ll save on shipping and have them right away when you need them.

Each set of The Flex Belt Gel Pads should last you several weeks if you keep them clean, aren’t constantly removing and re-installing them and they don’t dry out on you.

UPDATE: When I wrote this post, I had noticed that the Gel Pads on my Flex Belt were starting to look a little tattered. I found out after contacting customer service from Flex Belt that I had mad an error when storing the belt. There are plastic covers that come on the Gel Pads (which I tossed in the trash when I first started using my belt). You are supposed to keep those covers and re-install them over top of the gel pad when you’re not using your flex belt. That way you can easily store it in the carrying bag that comes with The Flex Belt when you purchase it.

I’ve had my first initial set of pads installed on my belt for about 3 weeks and they’re still in fine shape, I just try and ensure that they stay clean.

The suggested lifespan of a set of Gel Pads on the official Flex Belt Website is 30 sessions, I think if you take good care you’ll be able to stretch that a bit more.

If you notice that the effectiveness of the belt seems to be dropping off even at the same intensity level you’re used to then it might be time to change those pads.

Where to Buy Flex Belt Gel Pads

As I mentioned, I’d suggets getting an extra set or two when you order your Flex Belt. You’ll save $2 bucks if you order two sets up front. I only say do this because it can take a couple of days for your new pads to show up, so to avoid missing any workouts it’s easiest to just have them available.

I’ve found Flex Belt Gel Pads on Amazon for the exact same price as they’re available for on the official Flex Belt website. I also came across some on eBay, and while the price as a bit cheaper then the official Flex Belt website by the time I paid for the pricey shipping fees and not knowing if they were 100% authentic I figure buy them from the Flex Belt official site.

Savings On Flex Belt Ab Belt Purchase

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