Flex Belt Results – Update Week 2

by Ian on October 20, 2011

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I had someone contact me to ask how my progress is going with The Flex Belt as I hadn’t posted an update in a couple of weeks.

First off, let me apologize for that. I went away on Vacation for a couple of weeks and unfortunately forgot to bring the belt with me. So realistically, I’m kind of starting over.

The Hardest Part – Consistency

This brings me to a point I’d like to make about The Flex Belt, and more or less any other fitness or learn how to course, device or item you can purchase on the Internet.

The majority of these products deliver as promised IF we (the users & purchasers of these products) use them as directed.

You see there is a lot of talk on the web about the Flex Belt being a Scam. From the ten or so sessions I’ve had with it I can honestly say that this device is not a scam. When I’m done a 30 minute session and reach the 65+ intensity level (Which is about my limit right now) my abs are tired. They got a workout. So other things equal (i.e. I don’t have an excess 20 pounds of belly fat over my abs) I am going to begin to get results with consistent use.

The trouble is that being consistent is a tough job in and of itself. We get a new diet plan, program, device to help improve our appearance of physique. We’re super stoked at first, but slowly the luster we had at the beginning fades and we may not stick with the program.

Sticking with things is what brings about success and the desired results we want (in this case a nice set of 6 pack abs).

OK so enough with that, back to the update.

Flex Belt Results Update

So as I mentioned above, I missed a couple of weeks there, so unfortunately I didn’t get a full 14 days in with the Belt. As of right now it’s more like one week. Although I do feel stronger in the mid/core section.

Here are a couple of photos I took quickly right after my last session with The Flex Belt. You can see from the side on shot the reddish spot where the belt was and where the gel pad was while wearing it.

Flex Belt Update Week 2 Photo

Note the red spot on my side and wrapping around the front of my abdominals. That's from The Flex Belt and the session I had just completed prior to these photos.

Flex Belt Results Update Week 2

Week 2 Photos (although wasn't as consistent as I'd like to have been with the belt).

I’m going to get back on track and follow the workout/session plan that is outlined in The Flex Belt manual. It gives suggestions on what workouts to do, how often and also what program to use.

Programs on The Flex Belt basically relate to the duration of your workout. Program 1 starts at 20 minutes, I’m not on Program 2 which is 30 minutes. I still manually adjust the intensity levels through out my workout. I’ve been starting around 45-50 intensity and then working my way up through the session to 65 or 70 at completion. The higher the intensity the harder your abs are working while wearing the belt.

I’m away again this weekend, but I’m going to pack my Belt and use it at least once over the 3 day weekend. My goal is consistency since that’s what will bring about the results I want.

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