Results Update for April

by Ian on April 19, 2012

Let me start off by apologizing for disappearing for so long. I had the best of intentions when I started this site to keep up with posting a few times a week, but of course life gets in the way and before I knew it I wasn’t posting my results updates as often as I would have liked to.

So I’m back at it today with some new photos and a report on how I’ve been doing.

I’ll be truthful, I haven’t been using the Flex Belt all these weeks while I’ve been MIA from the blog. So today I put the belt on, sat down at my desk and did some work for the full 30 minute session. I couldn’t recall right off hand at what intensity level I had been at before I fell off the wagon a couple of months ago, but by the end of todays workout I was up to 65 on both sides of the belt. I did the entire 30 minute session on Program 7 as I find this program gives my abs a mixture of EMS blasts.

What do I mean by EMS blasts?

Well on the lower intensity levels what happens is the EMS builds up to the highest intensity level and then lowers back down. It’s almost like a light breeze that builds up and then goes away. This is fine when you’re first starting out, but what begins to happen as you progress is your abs get used to the sensation of it building up and going back down. To mix things up and ensure you continue to improve you want to mix up how the EMS works.

At Level 7 (which I used today) you get a mixture of the smooth up and down EMS blasts as I described above for a few minutes then your abs are hit with about a half dozen high intensity zaps that cause your abs to flex quickly and aggressively. This is then replaced with a lower intensity steady stream of EMS signals to the abs for about ten seconds followed by a couple of periods of rest then another 10 seconds of steady EMS and so on for about a half dozen repeats. Then the entire program starts over again. This entire process of the three different parts: slow build up and fall off, quick zaps at highest intensity and steady EMS for about 8-10 seconds is repeated probably 5-6 times during a 30 minute sessions.

Few Notes About My Fitness Level

I’ve mentioned in other posts on the blog that I’m a runner and in my part of the world Spring is here and the first race of the season was last Saturday. So I’ve been training hard with a mixture of short and long runs (30 minutes – 120 minutes) as well as a one a week track interval workout which consists of either 6 x 1K, 5 x 2K or 10 X 400 M. These workouts are pretty intense and I’m burning some serious calories which is helping me shed the belly fat I do have over my abs. How ever aside from some basic Yoga core exercises I was doing in February and March primarily to strengthen my back I haven’t been doing any ab specific workouts.

Overall I feel I’m in pretty good shape and now is a great time to jump back on the bandwagon with the device to see how far I can push my results.

Here’s a couple of shots from earlier today when I finished my session at the office.

Flex Belt Review & Results Updarte

Flex Belt Review & Results Update

So as you can see, in my opinion, I’m not in too bad of shape. I think with a few weeks of consistent use (5 days a week is the goal) I can really get some definition in my mid section just in time for beach season. As the running season progresses I’ll also have the benefit of burning more calories and dropping more belly fat. I’ll try to commit to posting at least once a week with some results updates, so stay tuned for more!

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