Intensity Level 7 on The Flex Belt Brings a Surprise

by Ian on November 23, 2011

So I’ve been using this device now for about three or four weeks. I wasn’t as consistent as I should have been at the start so I feel like I’m playing a little catch up, but these past couple of weeks have been pretty good.

If you’ve read my flex belt reviews then you have the basics of how this device works. It uses Electronic Muscle Stimulation to force your abdominals to flex. There are also varying intensity levels and different workout programs which you cycle through on the device as well.

So I’ve been cruising on program #6 for the past couple of weeks and increasing my intensity, but today I decided to bump it up to program #7. I kept my starting out intensity at around 70 or so. Everything was feeling normal, but then at about the 8 minute mark I got a shot of several quick and intense pulses. These were meant to quickly flex and relax my abs about 10 times fast.

I wasn’t expecting it so at first it kind of spooked me. As I write this I have a little more then 6 minutes left in my first session at level 7 and I have to say it was a nice change up from the dull increase in intensity and then reduction. It feels kind of like an interval workout for my abs. Keeps em guessing. I’m eager now to see what the other programs hold.

I know that our muscles can get used to the same patterns over and over (this happens in running, weight lifting, cycling etc.) so by mixing things up with our muscles we’re not only giving them a better workout but we’re also increasing the potential of positive results.

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Angelo February 18, 2012 at 7:52 am

Hi Ian! I was just wondering if you will be posting any updated pics since your use with the flex belt?


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