My Flex Belt Review – After Owning the Belt for 3+ Months

by Ian on November 23, 2011

The Flex Belt Out of Box

Picture of what came in the box: gel pads, manual, remote & battery, belt and a charger

Thanks for stopping by to read my review of The Flex Belt. I’ve been using this device now for almost a month off and on and I’ve got a pretty good feeling that I’m going to be continuing to use it for the the next month or longer based on my experience so far.

This blog is my journey using The Flex Belt, and also sharing with you some answers to common questions people seem to have about the device.

So Let’s Get Started with my General Review:

Before I started this blog and wrote this review I did my share of research on The Flex Belt, and most of the reviews I found didn’t really speak to what I feel most of us want to know.

Does it Work or not?

There are lots of sites telling us what’s in the box, how the website looks blah blah blah.

What I think you want to know is how well does the device work, does it produce the results it claims and is it worth spending the $199 bucks on (You won’t pay that though, I’ve got a discount code for you at the end of this article)?

So let’s dig in an answer some of these questions.

The Flex Belt Gel pads Installed

Image of the Gel Pads installed on the Flex Belt

The Flex Belt uses a tested and proven form of technology called Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS). This was something I was familiar with as I’ve expierenced several running injuries over the years and had physical therapists use EMS on my hamstrings to strengthen them.

Put in plain English EMS sends a slight electric current through the nerves of a localized area on your body which causes the muscle to contract and flex. If you flex at the same time this electric current passes through you increase the intensity of the contraction and in turn can strenghten and tone the muscle.

The Flex Belt accomplishes this more or less the same way a physical therapist does.

On the inside of the Belt there are 3 Gel Pads. These are what touch your skin while wearing the belt. They’re a bit cold on the skin at first, but they warm up quickly from your natural body heat.

Using The Belt

The Flex Belt Remote Intensity

Image Shoes Remote LCD with The Flex Belt at Program #1 and Intensity Level 26

There are 150 intensity levels and 10 training programs built into The Flex Belt. What is an intensity level and a program?

Intensity Level: The higher the intensity level the harder your abs are worked. Basically it’s a stronger current coming through the EMS. You set the intensity level with the remote control (see image at right).

Program: Programs mix up how the EMS works on your abs. The lower programs simply increase the amount of time that the EMS is on versus off. Then once you go past program 6 it begins to almost work your abs in intervals. Check out this post I just did on Intensity Level 7.

Programs last 30 minutes, and you should try to use The Flex Belt 5 times a week.

The manual has a schedule for which programs and for how long you should do them. It also has a suggested intensity level for each day. This is by far the easiest way to get started using The Flex Belt. Start with Day 1 of their program and just be consistent follwing their routine.

The sensation you feel when wearing the belt is kind of like a warm buzzing. It almost feels as if there’s something pressing against your abs that’s vibrating. It doesn’t hurt when the EMS kicks in, but as you increase intensity levels you’ll definitely begin to feel the flex, and maybe a bit of soreness after a workout.

Rechargeable Battery

The Flex Belt includes a rechargeable battery it’s located inside the wired remote control (This is the only Ab Belt to my knowledge to include this option). I charged my battery on the first day I opened the box and it lasted me almost 3 weeks. The re-charge took about 2-3 hours once it was completely dead and I’ve been running it ever since (about 1.5 weeks) on the second charge.

I appreciate not having to go out and buy AA batteries. First off, it’s just another added expense and secondly batteries are such a waste.

Gel Pads

Flex Belt Gel PadsThere’s one set of Gel Pads included with The Flex Belt Kit. I’d recommend buying a second and maybe even a third set on your initial belt order. Why? Because you’ll need em and you won’t have em, simple as that (plus I’ve got a discount code below that will save you 10% off your belt and additional gel pad purchases). No matter where you buy the Gel Pads you’ll be a couple of days getting them. By ordering a spare set with your Flex Belt you’ll have them when you need them and won’t miss a days workout.

I should mention a mistake I made due to not reading the manual closely enough with my first set of Gel pads. There’s a clear plastic covering on the back side of each pad (the side that touches your skin). Hold onto these. You stick them back over the gel pad when you’re not using the belt so that the pads maintain their moisture level and don’t get dust and dirt stuck to them.

I tossed these plastic pieces out the first time around and I gotta tell you I wasn’t pleased with how quickly the gel pads dried out and how dirty they got. It wasn’t until I contacted Flex Belt customer service that they explained to me where I went wrong.

So Does This Thing Work?

While I was skeptical at first, I have to say I’ve been pretty happy with the results I’ve begun to see just from using it for 3 weeks.

Results Photos: I will be updating this Frequently with my new Results Photos I post. The read marks on my stomach in week 2 & 3 are actually from wearing The Flex Belt. I took these images as soon as I removed the belt.

Week 1
Week 1 Day 1 Flex Belt Results Photo
Week 2
Week 2
Week 3
Week 3

My abs feel stronger, I’m noticing more definition in my upper abdominals where I didn’t notice it before and I’ve gone from starting at intensity level 40 up to 80 (still 70 more levels to go through).

I haven’t been following a strict routine with it unfortunately and that’s probably slowed my results a little. I’m going to start following the schedule that comes in the manual excusively to maximize my results.

A couple of points to note:

The Flex Belt won’t get you six pack abs if the device just sits on the shelf.

You’ve got to use this thing to get results, and I think that if people have complaints about the Flex Belt they’re for one of two reasons. They aren’t using it and their pissed off at themselves, or they’re carrying some extra weight around their midsection and the ab belt isn’t just melting it away as they tought it would.

If you use this thing consistently you’re going to get results. Their clinical studies and trials don’t lie, the facts are in and The Flex Belt works, but you have to put it on, turn it on and use it 5 times a week to get results.

You can’t be 30, 40 or 50 pounds over weight

This device strenghtens and firms abdominal muscles, it’s not an over night weight loss system. While you’ll notice more definition and a flatter stomach even if you’re carrying some extra weight around the mid section I’d advise you to use the free diet/meal planning software that comes with The Flex Belt. This will help you shed the extra pounds around the mid section so those abs can shine through.

It also wouldn’t hurt to do some cardio exercise as well. Personally I run several days a week, so I burn off a lot of extra calories. If you don’t regularly get the heart pumping I’d suggest getting out for a walk, jog, bike or swim 3-4 times a week along with using The Flex Belt. Heck we should all be doing it anyways for the good of our health.

So Should You Buy This Thing?

If you know you’re someone who’s going to order the Flex Belt but then leave it on the shelf to collect dust once it arrives, save yourself the time and money and don’t bother. You’ve got to be willing to take action with this thing to get results.

On the other hand if you’re someone who does quite well being accountable to yourself, and you know you’ll stick to the routine as closely as possible wearing the device 4-5 days a week then I say give it a shot.

The Flex Belt has a 60 day money back guarantee on it and you can send it back for a refund even after it’s been opened and used. If you’re not feeling that the device is doing anything for you then simply contact their customer service department (they’re real people I talked to them when I was having issues with Gel pads) and request a refund. You will have to send your belt back to them of course.

Available Discount Coupons for The Flex Belt

I’ve been able to get a couple of exclusive coupon codes from Flex Belt for my blog readers. Each code offers you a substantial discount on your purchase, and one also gets you free priority shipping (a $15.95 savings) Simply click the link below to reveal the code you’d like to use and it will be automatically applied at the check out when you order (you should see a note on the order page stating that your code has been applied in blue text) For more details you about these discounts you can check out the full post about them here.

Save $25 on your Purchase

This Code Reduces Your Total Purchase (including extra Gel Pads) by $25

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paul January 2, 2012 at 12:33 am

I’ve been following your flex belt reviews but haven’t seen any lately. Are you seeing results?? Still recommend the product?? Thanks.


Ian January 2, 2012 at 5:58 pm

Hiya Paul,

My apologies I’ve been MIA with the updates. With the Holidays things got a little busy and I feel off my routine with not only posting to the blog but also using The Flex Belt.

However I have come to a realization on this device.

The Flex Belt works as it claims. It strengthens and firms your abs. I’ve proven this for myself by using it. However, what I will say is that it isn’t going to get you to lose a whole bunch of weight. If you’re going to be buying the Flex Belt in hopes that it is a weight loss device you’re going to need to not only use it consistently, but also make some diet modifications and exercise a bit to shed those extra pounds.

However if you’re already in reasonably good shape the device works well. Coupled with some other abdominal exercises this device speeds up your results significantly in my opinion.


Sarah February 28, 2012 at 3:00 am

I just wanted to ask you that im buying mine from walmart and i dont really understand the whole rechargeable batteries and by the way im 14 and a girl so do you think it would work?


Ian February 28, 2012 at 5:41 pm


The battery for The Flex Belt is inside the wired remote. It’s not a separate device that you need purchase or anything. There’s a wall plug that you insert into the remote and that’s how you charge it up both when you first get it (the battery doesn’t come charged) and when the battery dies each time from regular use.

I unfortunately cannot speak to the effectiveness of this device for someone you’re age. The technology is proven as their official websites supports, however I would recommend you consult with your family doctor before using it since you’re so young and still growing. I’m not suggesting you won’t get results, I’m just not sure if there are any potential side effects for someone younger who’s still growing using the belt.


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