My Flex Belt User Review, Results and $35 Discount

Last Update: August 21st, 2013

NOTE: This review should take you only 7-8 minutes to read, but it will be worth your time. The Flex Belt isn’t for everyone and I try to provide enough info so you can decide if it’s right for you or not. Also at the bottom of this article I give you my exclusive $35 discount from Thanks for stopping by!

The Flex Belt Out of BoxThe Flex Belt, at first glance, appears to be all hype and no results. With the fancy home page video and infomercial they’ve produced, to the celebrity spokes people, it all brings into question, “is this device worth the $199 price point?

I wanted to know for myself, so I got a Flex Belt and what follows is my review of the device, how it works, if it gets results and if it’s right for you. I hope you enjoy. If you have a question feel free to post it in the comments at the bottom of this page.

A note about FDA Cleared

A lot of websites and flex belt reviews I’ve read are talking about how The Flex Belt has received FDA clearance, and just how important this is.

The device is cleared by the FDA for firming and toning abdominal muscles. However, what the FDA actually is clearing is the devices safety when used for firming and toning stomach muscles. They are not stating how well it works, or how effective it will be for you. However, knowing that the device is safe is important since you’ll be wearing it around your waist for at least 30 minutes each day.

How Does it Work

The Flex Belt is based on Electronic Muscle Stimulation technology. The same technology that has been improved upon for the past 30 years and used in hospitals and physiotherapy clinics around the globe.

Flex Belt Gel PadsHere’s how the technology works: Electronic impulses are sent out through the 3 gel pads on the inside surface of the belt. These electronic impulses travel through the nerves causing all of your stomach muscles to contract and relax naturally on their own. Due to the strategic positioning of the 3 gel pads the belt ensures not only your central abdominals get a workout, but also your obliques.

During a 30 minute session you can have upwards of 150 abdominal and oblique contractions. This makes for quite a workout.

Using The Flex Belt

The Flex Belt itself is a very straight forward device.

Flex Belt Gel PadOut of the box you must install the gel pads by removing the plastic which covers the sticky backing and then affix them to the inside of your belt.

The Gel Pads

These gel pads cover over three small silver metal circles about the size of a dime. This is where the electronic impulses originate and then the gel pads allow them to be sent out over a much larger surface area.

Each gel pad also has a clear piece of plastic covering the side that will touch your skin while wearing the belt. Remove these each time you use your belt, but re-apply the pastic when you’re done. These plastic coverings ensure the gel pads maintain their moisture level and stay free of dirt, dust and hair/fur if you have any pets. This is essential to ensuring your gel pads last the maximum life span of 20-30 sessions.

Wearing The Flex Belt

When putting on the belt you simply wrap it around your waist, and use the velcro at the back to secure it. I’d advise positioning the gel pads over your central abdominals and obliques first, stick the gel pads to your stomach and then wrap the belt around the back. Since the gel pads are sticky they’re tough to re-position once you secure the belt with the velcro.

The Flex Belt Remote IntensityNote: The Gel pads are a bit cold on the skin at first, but they warm up quickly from your bodies natural heat.

Using The Remote

Now that you’ve got the belt on, it’s time to turn on the device. Everything about The Flex Belt is controlled by the wired remote with LCD screen. The power button is on the left, the program button is on the right and then there are two arrow buttons to adjust the intensity on the left hand and right hand side of the belt. I’m not quite sure why you’d want to have one intensity on your left side oblique and abs versus your right side, but The Flex Belt gives you that option.

The Manual

The manual that comes with your belt is the best reference guide for deciding what intensity level to start at, which program to use and how often to use your belt. I tired my best to follow the the 6-8 week plan included with the manual. It was both easy and structured, and took all the guess work out of using the belt. I believe that if you followed the plan in the manual to a tee you’ll reach your optimal results.

What Does Electronic Muscle Stimulation Feel Like?

The electronic impulses emitted by the Flex Belt feel like a warm buzzing on your abdominals and obliques. However it’s not a constant buzz as the electronic impulses emitted by the belt go off and on. The number of times they go off and on and the duration they stay on depends on the program setting on The Flex Belt you’re using. Higher programs (5 through 10) offer a more difficult workout by mixing up the intensity, duration and speed of the impulses that are emitted, while the first four programs simply increase the duration the impulses stay on and decrease rest time between them.

Personally I did not find it uncomfortable, I liked being able to feel the intensity, it gave me a sense of how hard my stomach muscles were working.

Will You Get Results?

The Flex Belt claims that 100% of the people who use the device as recommended will get results. Electronic muscle stimulation technology works, no question about that. The key here is you must “use” the device. This is where most people mess up with devices like The Flex Belt. They purchase it with the best intentions, but they don’t use it for the 30 minutes a day needed to achieve those results.

If you can commit to using the device daily, following the program that’s outlined in the Flex Belt manual, then yes you will get results.

Week 1

Week 1 Day 1 Flex Belt Results Photo

Week 2

Week 2

Flex Belt Update Week 2 Photo

Week 3

Week 3

Flex Belt Results Week 3

Week 4

Flex Belt Review & Results Updarte

Flex Belt Review & Results Update

What’s The Product Guarantee and Warranty?

The Flex Belt comes with a 60 day money back guarantee and a 2 year warranty. The money back guarantee covers you for the first 60 days that if you aren’t satisfied with your purchase you can call or send an email to Flex Belt customer service and request your money back. You will of course need to send the belt back to them.

This is nice peace of mind knowing that you can try the belt for almost two months and then decide if you want to keep it or not.

NOTE: This is not a free trial, you do need to pay for the belt one time upfront. Then if you’re not completely happy with it you can send it back for a refund.

The two year warranty covers defects in workmanship. It does not cover Gel Pads, as these are a consumable that need to be replaced, nor does it cover any damage you may do to the belt such as: getting it wet, misuse or abuse of the device etc.

Some Other Observations About The Flex Belt

A couple of other points I wanted to make about the Flex Belt before you make your decision.

Rechargeable Battery

Flex Belt RemoteFirst, The Flex Belt is the only electronic muscle stimulation belt I’ve seen on the market that includes a rechargeable battery. The wired remote control is also the battery pack for the device. I like this because it means you don’t have to go buy a dozen AA sized batteries. When your battery gets low you simply plug in the battery pack with the provided wall plug adapter and let it charge for a few hours. This saves time and money.

Extra Gel Pads

Second, The device comes with one set of gel pads, however I would suggest that you purchase at least one extra set upfront. Why? Well, the gel pads are supposed to last 20-30 sessions, and this is true from what I can see, however, when you need them you need them. If you don’t have an extra set on hand when the other set wears out you will be stuck going a few days without doing your daily sessions. By ordering a second and even third set with your original purchase you’ll have them on hand and you’ll also avoid any further shipping charges since everything will be shipped for a flat rate.


Thirdly, if you are going to purchase the Flex Belt you might as well get the best price possible. I’ve got a couple of Flex Belt coupon codes available that you can use to save either 10% off your total purchase, or get free shipping. I’ll tell you right now, if you are going to order extra gel pads then use the 10% off coupon since you’ll get 10% off your belt plus any additional accessories you buy. Check out those coupons here.

Should You Buy The Flex Belt?

If you’ve read this far in the review then chances are you’ve already made up your mind about if The Flex Belt is right for you or not. I can say that most people I’ve talked to about this device already wanted to purchase it, but they wanted some reassurance that it wasn’t a scam.

Like I mentioned earlier in the review, The Flex Belt works 100% of the time for those that use it as recommende. So if you know that you’ll stick to the daily sessions I say go for it.

Keep in mind, The Flex Belt is not a silver bullet weight loss solution. If you’re purchasing the device in hopes that you’ll lose a ton of weight, you may want to keep your credit card in your wallet. The device is designed to strengthen, firm and tone your abdominals and obliques, but not help you lose a ton of weight.

Of course, this isn’t to say that The Flex Belt when combined with a healthy diet and some other calorie burning exercises won’t help you reach your goals.

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