The Flex Belt Vs Slendertone System Abs

by Ian on March 26, 2012

If you read my Contour Abs Vs Flex Belt comparison post the other day then this is the next post in my comparison series. I wanted to compare the Slendertone System Abs belt to The Flex Belt.

Slendertone System Abs Belt

The Flex Belt is actually made by Slendertone. The difference is it's a more powerful device.

These two devices look very similar and I’ve received a few comments and questions asking me exactly what the difference is (read my specific flex belt review for more on this belt).

I did some digging around to try and find out and the best page I found was actually on the official Flex Belt website.

It turns out that The Flex Belt is manufactured by Slendertone and is a special edition belt built on the Slendertone System abs belt. How ever there are some important differences to consider before you purchase either one.

More Intensity

The first difference is that The Flex Belt has an additional 50 intensity levels you can use as you progress through your workouts. Where Slendertone System Abs has 1 – 99 for intensity levels, Flex Belt offers 1 – 150.

What does this actually mean to you? Well it means that you can train your abdominals harder with The Flex Belt then you can with Slendertone System Abs.

More Programs

The original Slendertone System Abs had 7 different programs built into the belt while the Flex Belt has an additional 3 programs to choose from.

So why does this matter? Well let’s first look at what the importance of programs are? Programs vary the way the electronic muscle stimulation is sent through the belt. How does it vary it? Well it uses slow build up of intensity to a point where the maximum intensity level is held for several seconds or longer, it sometimes will throw several quick blasts of EMS at your abs during a 10-15 second time frame and other forms of mixing up the intensity and duration you feel that intensity on your abs.

Training programs help you progress more quickly and also ensure you’re muscles don’t get bored with the workouts. The more variation the better when it comes to this type of workout. So technically with the additional 3 workouts inside the Flex Belt you have more variety to choose from.

There are a few other differences in the actual bonus materials you get when purchasing each of the Belts. The flex belt comes with a free 1 year subscription to one of several popular magazines as well as access for a whole month to their online diet planning software. While these are nice, they aren’t features that contribute to the success or failure with the belt.

The Cost

There’s a $50 difference between the System Abs and Flex Belt ($149 compared to $199). I think the difference is worth it, but if you use one of my flex belt coupon codes you can get that cost different down to about half that ($25), which definitely makes it worth getting the flex belt.

Flex Belt Coupon Banner

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