The Slendertone System Abs Belt

by Ian on March 31, 2012

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I’ve had a few people contacting me asking what the difference between the Slendertone system abs belt and The Flex Belt is. I’ve written a detailed post comparing the Slendertone System Abs VS The Flex Belt here, but in this post I’ll dive into a little more detail specifically on the system abs belt.

You see Slendertone is the worlds largest maker of abdominal toning devices. The Slendertone belt was the best selling device on it’s own, and basically what they did was re-release a juiced up version of the Slendertone System Abs belt and brand it The Flex Belt (see my full flex belt review).

So, in a way The Flex Belt is a Slendertone product, just marketed under a different name.

Features of the System Abs Belt

Like The Flex Belt, the System Abs belt has a small wired remote control with an LCD screen. This remote also contains the rechargeable battery. The belt uses 3 gel pads which touch the surface of the skin and allow the EMS current to flow through and work your abdominals. It includes a travel bag, plastic covers for your gel pads and also several programs and intensity levels which you can use to work your mid section.

Slendertone System Abs Belt

The Flex Belt is actually made by Slendertone. The difference is it's a more powerful device.

Everything sounding more or less the same as The Flex Belt so far?

Well that’s because like I said earlier in the post, The Flex Belt is a pimped out version of the Slendertone belt.

How Is The Flex Belt Different?

The difference between the two devices comes down to the levels of Intensity and programs built into the belt.

The Slendertone belt varies it’s intensity from 1-99 and has 7 built in programs.

The Flex Belt varies it’s intensity from 1-150 and has 10 built in programs.

Why do more programs and intensity levels matter?

Let me use an analogy to explain this. When you’re lifting weights you start out with something pretty light, maybe 10-15lb dumbbells. However as you strengthen your muscles you increase the weight of those dumbbells so that you can continue to improve.

Think if you only had a 20lb dumbbell. What would happen once you reached that level? Well you’d plateau and not be able to improve any more right?

Think of the increased intensity levels in The Flex Belt as more weight if you were using dumb bells. The increased intensity levels allow you to train your abs harder.

What about Programs?

Ever hear of muscle confusion? Tony Horton, the creator of the P90X program talks about this and it’s at the core of why his system mixes things up so much. Lets refer back to my previous example about dumbbells. Let’s say that all you do all the time are dumbbell curls. Every day, that’s it. Eventually your biceps learn the movement and it becomes more difficult to improve with that exercise. However if you mix up your bicep workouts then you keep the muscle guessing about what’s going to come next.

That’s the same sort of thing that’s happening with programs in The Flex Belt and System Abs belt by Slendertone. Each program varies how the Electronic Muscle Stimulation trains your abs. This means that you get a different workout at each program level and then on top of that you can vary the intensity level as well.

So you have multiple ways to train your abs.

The more programs you have the more variety in the workouts you can give your abs. Make sense? More programs is better.

Flex Belt or System Abs Belt?

Both devices are pretty similar, but for me I like the increased intensity and program levels that you can get with The Flex Belt. Of course not everyone is going to want or need that. The choice really comes down to personal preference, but if you use one of the Flex belt coupon codes I have then you can discount the Flex Belt almost as low as the System abs belt (regularly $199 vs $149).

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