What Does it Mean Exactly that The Flex Belt is FDA Cleared?

by Ian on March 2, 2012

I think there is a lot of confusion online about what it means for a product to be FDA cleared.

The Flex Belt, along with a few other ab belts, are cleared by the FDA for use of toning and strengthening your abs and core.

So what exactly does this designation mean?

What some people think

FDA cleared does not mean that the FDA has taken the Flex Belt, tested it and worn it for 6 or 7 weeks to prove or disprove whether or not the device works. That’s not their job.

What they have done is ensured the safety of the product for you, me and everyone else who wants to use it.

So their clearance of the product for strengthening, toning and firming abdominals is letting us as consumers know that it’s safe to use this device for its intended purpose.

If you want to try and use it for something else, I don’t know wrap it around your head or something, well they’re not approving that :)

What Does This Mean For The Flex Belt?

I’ve been stating on my blog all along that The Flex Belt, while a cool device, is not a get abs quick scheme.

Electronic muscle stimulation is a safe and effective means of firming and toning muscles on the body. Physical therapists use the same technology every day in clinics around the world.

However, you either need to already be in pretty good shape or be willing to do a bit more then just put an ab belt on every day to achieve the results you desire.

Adding some cardio exercise, other abdominal workouts and improving your overall diet are not only good ideas for your over all health and lifestyle, but they’ll also help you shed the pounds you need to so your beautiful new abs can shine through.

Just for reference, the government agency in charge of ensuring that claims made by businesses are truthful, it’s the FTC. They are the ones who are putting a clamp down on ensuring that consumers are safe while shopping online and that businesses don’t make outrageous claims about what a product can or cannot do for you.

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